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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Perfume River Emotion Cruise

Among famous cities in Vietnam, Hue is unique. It is a beautiful, quiet and relaxing city, rich in nature, architecture and art. As the Perfume River winds its way through the city, there is wonder around its every bend. And a Hue holiday would be incomplete without a boat trip along this poetic river.

A cruise onboard Perfume River Emotion sampan is simply wonderful since you can view Hue from a different angle: from the river. Besides classic landmarks like the impressive citadel, the royal mausoleums and iconic pagodas, the trip will take you further to lush jungle and luxuriant gardens. As you gently cruise, you will discover how the Perfume River gets its name just because of many forests of aromatic plants and flowers it passes through and how its water magically changes colors from sunrise to sunset. This off-beaten track will definitely make a highlight of your holiday in Hue.

 The best part of the trip is it brings you very close to local life. Hue people are enchanting, gentle and sweet. You can embark to blend in the crowded Dong Ba Market or visit the Thuy Bieu eco-village where you may enjoy local best foods and indulge your feet in herbal water treatment. In addition, there is a cooking class for you to learn the secrets of Hue royal cuisine as well as its traditional cuisine. Biking is also a great way to experience the peaceful countryside of Hue and get in touch with local culture.

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